How to get “Unstuck” When Writing


Getting started is one thing but once you start writing and getting stuck is another.  Try any one of the strategies below to help you get “unstuck”:

  1. Change your writing method: Use pen and paper instead
  2. Change your writing time: If you are morning person, most probably you  write during this time. However, if you get stuck, try writing in the evening or at night. Breaking the routine might help
  3. Leapfrog:  You might want to stop writing sequentially. Try jumping around your draft to the next section that interests you first. Fill the gaps when you are ready
  4. Talk to a colleague: Sometimes having a discussion with colleagues might trigger ideas or better ideas.
  5. Prepare a lecture: Imagine you have to present a paper the next day. How would you organise and present the information?

Reference: Write that Phd


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