How ‘SUPREME’ Mastered The Art Of Supply And Demand


We would all have a Supreme T-Shirt if it wasn’t for the Resellers. Resellers ruin everything. FYI, T-Shirts in SUPREME stores only go for an average of 30$. Yes, it is true that Resellers make huge profits. However, we should thank them for getting us our goods. Are you willing to camp out for your SUPREME stuff? Are you willing to get into an unintentional fight for your SUPREME ‘T’ ?. So, go ahead and thank your SUPREME Resellers. This mania only happens if a brand has mastered the art of supply and demand.

Here’s how SUPREME did just that:


1) SUPREME only releases a few items at a time, typically five to fifteen.

This creates a huge demand for items. The SUPREME x NIKE (pic below) Foamposites were so limited that it caused a huge riot in New York City. It was so severe that the police had to shut down the whole event. That aggravated people even more. Currently, the shoe goes for an average price of $800. 

Photo: Flight Club

2) Supreme only has 10 stores across the world. 

Supreme – New York, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo has 6 stores. If you don’t want to pay the re-seller’s price, be prepared to camp out.

Photo: highsnobiety




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