CEKUR (Kaempferia galanga),the Aromatic Spice


Cekur / Cekor / Kencur is  cultivated quite widely in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The highly aromatic rhizome of this plant is valued in Malaysia as a spice to flavor rice and also in folk medicine. This spice is rather popular in Thailand where it is used frequently in curries and soups.

In Malaysia, cekor is added to enhance flavour of a local delicacy called Pecal (combination of raw and half cooked vegetables with peanut sauce), fish and chicken dishes and many more traditional cuisines.

Kaempferia galanga is also known as a medicinal plant that is widely used to help treat various diseases. Kaempferia galanga helps relieve headaches, influenza, sprains and several other ailments like migraine attack, asthma cure, treat rheumatic diseases, treat tetanus, coughing and able to get rid of acne. Based on laboratory research, the efficacy of Kaempferia galanga is because the plant Kaempferia galanga there are more than 23 compounds and seven among these compounds contain




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