3 Underground Streetwear Brands That You Should Know


People who pull off street fashion are undoubtedly brave and daring. Why you might ask? It’s simple, streetwear has a very raw and daring style. But at the same time, streetwear can be super simple and minimalistic. When the word “streetwear” comes in mind, which brands and labels do you think of? Some A-list brands are SUPREME, Off-White, Bathing Ape and plenty more. But, those brands have a reputation for being really pricey. If you’re an average individual, a single purchase from any of these brands will burn a deep hole in your pocket. However, there are a few underground streetwear brands that you should know about.

Against Lab

Photo courtesy of Against Lab

Here are a few words from their about page on their website, Against Lab. Against Lab is a contemporary fashion label and multidisciplinary creative entity. We dedicate ourselves to create beyond the constraints of fashion to embody an approach to the lifestyle we believe in.


Photo courtesy of A-Cold-Wall

This is a piece from their website, A-Cold-Wall. A-COLD-WALL* is the curated product of British street culture. It is both a staunch symbol and mercurial component of the clashing of class and environment in the British landscape. ACW* is born of the stark, subversive brilliance of the underclass and is expressed and refined by the cerebral sensibilities of the upper sections of society. This amalgamation is materialized through mediums of social commentary, immersive art, and cutting-edge streetwear.


Photo courtesy of RSVP Gallery
Here is what Racked had to say about Oyster Holdings ~ If Woodie White’s Los Angeles-based luxury streetwear brand Oyster Holdings is not on your radar, it’s probably because it’s only widely available in one store, Chicago’s RSVP Gallery. Prices are astronomical — sweatpants and sweatshirts will run you around $500 to $600 — because of the fine fabrics. “From remixing jersey fabric and making it boardroom ready, to creating a full-zip hoodie that you can wear for three days straight (don’t judge me I have), it’s the go-to brand for people in the know, who dictate trends to those who think they are in the know,” said Curtis.


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